The Vampire Diaries 4×10-after school special

So I went into this episode with absolutely no expectations of anything.. ok with the expectation that Kol was going to be there 😉 but that’s all! I think having no expectations was better because the episode was able to shock me.

Lets start with Rebecca. I really liked her in this episode even though I don’t know why… maybe it was because she truly showed where Aprils place was “what are you doing?” “you said to take notes” “I wasn’t being literal darling. But now that you mention it a flow chart would be nice. which means index cards and push pins, go fetch!” hahahaha! badass!
However one thing I didn’t realise before is how much I like the idea of Stebecca! I really never saw that one coming…. plus how much better looking is Stefan when he’s angry…

Now, with Rebecca being all powerful and such she compels Elena, Stefan and Caroline to stay and have a nice little gossip. got to say I enjoyed it! why don’t we start it with a clip….

hahahaha ye she did! however I was tad annoyed since Stefan implies they broke up because she slept with him but they were already broken up when she did (never mind htat it was the day after). I also love how much Rebecca is truly shocked and happy! clip 2…

Damon shot Klaus! now that was cool… now to the best part “I didn’t sleep with Damon because of the sire bond, I slept with Damon because i’m in love with him” *Stefans shocked/angry face* *Elenas shocked/mortified face* *carolines sad/awkward face*
final clip of breakfast club…

This just made me sad. First I was glad she finally explained why she broke up with Stefan but I felt so bad for Stefan too when she said she wasn’t in love with him. Well we knew already but I felt guilty… like it was my fault for wanting them to break up. crazy right?

Anyways a lot of other stuff happened that is important but complicated to explain so i’ll write shorthand. Kol came back=yay! (possible Klena ;D). Bonnie knows she has this evil expression magic = about time. They know about Silas and Kol is scared= I am very scared. Klaus and Damon bonded= awwww. Rebecca offered to erase Stefan’s memory and he said yes= WHAT A SOB, UNHAPPY FACE. Klaus made a load of vamps for Jeremy to kill= cool wid dat. Bonnie’s dad is Mayor, april goes to him with all their secrets=ain’t nobody got time for dat! Rebecca and Stefan team up= ship.just.made.

Now for that scene that made my 2013. clip…

OMGERD there are no words. *his face* just watching his reaction makes me wants to cry he’s so utterly shocked and happy. Just 3 freaking words that changed everything. wow. not to mention that snow patrol was in the background, that makes things even better. I didn’t think it would get better.. then! he tells her to come to him and I died.died. it was about time!

ending with the same clip but with a humorous twist.. watch it 😀


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