new years resolutions

As you can possibly tell this post will be about my new years resolutions. Yes I saw that everyone else had posted one and i’m nothing if not mainstream.. which meant I had to do one too.

First of all…. In case you’d forgotten already, it was christmas! (jeez it seems like such a long time ago). my Christmas was pretty boring tbh however i got awesome presents (except a few off my nanna that i’m not going to mention.) My two main presents were….

My Windows 8 phone and my….

Lenovo yoga laptop.. so really i cant complain! 😉

Back to the real subject here, new years resolutions. Ive never realy made one before (or if i did i obviously didn’t stick with it) however this year i decided to choose one. To the rest of you it may sound wierd but here it is…..

My new years resolution is to say YES more (now don’t take that the wrong way). I feel like i dont take enough chances and that what i do is pretty safe, so this year I thought i’d try to be more adventurous and take more opportunities! hmmmmmm…. this may be a strange year. Actually, i think this year is going to be pretty (cliche) awesome!


10 thoughts on “new years resolutions

  1. Umm has the necklace ACTUALLY turned you into Elena? 😛
    naah, good resolution (but can be taken advantage of by…some :P)

  2. Wow, coolest Christmas gifts ever. I’m jealous!!! Haha. Well, not a bad resolution. So tell me, Are Stelena the best couple in town? (say YES) Muhuhahaha. Jk, Sounds like a fun year up ahead, if you want to take more risks 😀 Have a good one!

    • yes! stelena are the best couple in town… a town that’s on a different world and in your imagination. mwahahaha!
      I said im taking risks.. not the risk of getting on a ship that will sink. booch!
      hahaha im joshin.. I just had ALOT of comebacks for that one so I thought i’d say a few! 😉
      its a tad l8 but happy new year flamingpatronus!

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