Hello… kind of…maybe

well, its been a long time… a very long time. I have no excuse for not writing ,all I can say is I have a tendency to start things and never finish them. which is a VERY bad thing. So I guess you could say I’m back. I have no idea why I haven’t written anything , I mean there’s a lot to talk about all the time but I just never got round to writing it. woops.
I’m actually really annoyed at my self for not doing my weekly reviews of The Vampire Diaries, I don’t even remember what episode I got up to… I apologize for that. I might do a complete recap of major events that have happened since were in the middle of ANOTHER hiatus! -_- but wow I cant even function words for it at this point!

To try and make up for my total lack of posts this year I thought I’d give you some amazing songs to listen to!

Here’s another amazing one from Imagine Dragons, these guys are so amazing constantly! there new album has just come out and I seriously recommend getting it or at least listening to it! here’s one of my favourite songs from it…

Next (and this is a very big recommendation) is Bastille’s new album ‘Bad Blood’. I literally bought the album the day it came out then ran to school and made ‘wackadoodle’ listen to! If you love Game of Thrones then this is the best album you can get because the songs represent the show so well! this is again one of my favourites from the album.

Now for a few randoms that are also awesome ūüėČ

(this one reminds me of Klaus for some reason)

(this one is totally random but so amazing to dance to! ūüėÄ

Have an awesome week guys! and I PROMISE to post something else aswell this week! ‚̧ byeee…..


song time…

guys i’m really sorry but i’m not going to do a mid season finale post for TVD because honestly… i dont have alot to say about it… apart from the obvious i ‚̧ KLAUS!

anyways…… go listen to this song, it is STUNNING.ACTUALLY STUNNING. and yes this is a song from last TVD episode (when¬†Stefan¬†finds out about D/E and starts throwing things. then¬†Tyler¬†finds all the dead hybrids. and April young carries on being annoying.) listen to it anyway!

:’) turn the music up…. the louder the better!

today’s music


Okayy i don’t know about you but i am a HUGE fan of music! I¬†literally¬†can’t do anything without having my ipod on. no joke. when i make a drink, when i’m reading, walking down the stairs, trying to go to sleep and right at this moment. My problem is when i find an awesome song, i will listen to it soo much in one day that when I wake up i will absolutely hate it and never want to listen to it ever again (does that happen to everyone else? :S).

so i thought i’d share 2 really good songs that i am listening to today (and will probably hate tommorrow). but you should listen anyways! number one reminds me of a darker Linkin Park (YOU SHOULD KNOW YOU THEY ARE AND IF YOU DON’T. FIND OUT. IMMEDIATELY. SERIOUSLY. STOP READING AND GO GOOGLE THEM.) and the second one is really…unique (disclaimer:there’s a swear word :O).

It Makes No Difference Who We Are – Celldweller (lyrics included) HD

1. It Makes No Difference Who We Are – Celldweller (link above)

2. Kyla La Grange РVampire Smile (link below)

Kyla La Grange – Vampire Smile [Lyrics On Screen] [HD]

this is Linkin Park…. yes. they are cooler than you!