i’m a twitterer….sarcasm, not stupidity

yes, i went all mainstream and joined the world known as twitter. its a strange place with lots of @’s and #’s.. and i have yet to use #YOLO… but i will, i give you my word 😉

it would be incredibly kind if you followed me 😀 nope. that was too polite.


my name is awesomenatalie1 because some strange person already had awesomenatalie 😦 unhappy.

please follow xx

p.s. the font on here changes the number ‘one’ to an I so if it says I it is actually ‘one’


well hey…

This is my own personal quote that i literally made while drying my hair one morning. its not copyrighted… who am i kidding this is the internet 😉

Its the little things in life that count ———————> YOU ARE NOT LIVING BIG ENOUGH

I hope it inspires you to go out and live big….. also try a black forest hot chocolate from Costa Coffee….. and if you don’t know what that is I’m sorry… they make me feel christmassy :3