The Vampire Diaries 4×08- We’ll always have bourbon street

sorry guys! i know i’m a little late with this one but i was in Manchester Christmas shopping! I had no WiFi. I almost died…. but here it is anyway! I’m going to write this one a little differently.

morning DEx “I’m happy”

seriously there are no words :3 that was adorable and bad-ass…she was late for school 😉 oh ye it was also hawt… but twilight music seriously?!

“clearly they don’t have a flat iron at hotel Salvatore”

“I was in a rush”

hahahaha yeaah she waas! Caroline was so judgmental in that whole conversation… elenas hair, professor radley… she’s turning into season 1 Caroline

“say what you want about ripper stefan but at least he’s not a man slut”

“so what was it about him that made you jump into bed with him as soon as you met him?”

“I didn’t know what a sociophathic narcissist he was.”

“he’s always been there for me when i’ve needed him”

“well yeah cos’ he’s hoping you’ll sleep with him”

“well maybe I did”

“you did what?!?!”

that was the best conversation of all time! For once Elena is standing up to Caroline.. AND defending Damon! perfection ❤

“The bond affects how you act, not how you feel”

leave it to Tyler to be every Delena fans dream matchmaker! (flamingpatronus, if your reading this you seriously need to remember that line. Elena already loves Damon.IT WAS NOT THE SIRE BOND 😉

“Submit or you die”

I really liked Tyler in this scene, it’s strange, I’ve never really liked him (you know… season 1 traits and all that) but i was really happy for him becoming the new ‘pack master’. RESPECTING TYLER ATM.

“He calls it expression”

OH HELL NO! in case you forgot… the daughter of the evil witch said that kind of magic is unnatural and can’t exist on these plains… sounds pretty bad to me, but you know Bonnie’s clueless as always! Not to mention Professor.wierd now has 12 un-sired hybrids… which is the same of number of human deaths the evil witch needed for this “EXPRESSION”… shizz is going down soon!

“how can you trust him?”

“because i think he loves her as much as i do.”



I really hope that this once he actually will be selfish with her, there would be no show if he made her forget him… well there would but it’d be cr*p. their final scene was so emotional and passionate (a different passion than lasts weeks episode.. if you know what i mean 😉 ..) i really don’t know whats going to happen anymore… and i love it! 😀

go check out next weeks promo! it sounds …. 😉 well Stefan throws caroline’s table over (me thinks carol told stef bout’ all the DEx they’ve been having… but i could be wrong, i hope its that though!)


The Vampire Diaries 4×06- we all go a little mad sometimes

Yes i know i’m a little late with this review but honestly i needed a few days to process my thoughts and feelings about it, but anyways here we go.

Straight away i’m gonna just get the big thing out of the way- is this the end of STELENA? ummmmm probably not, but it sure as hell felt like it! As heartbreaking as this scene was i didnt feel it did stelena justice, it felt a little too easy, maybe it was because they knew their relationship was going to end, i dont know. honestly like most delena shippers i had in my head that there would be a HUGE Delena scene in which she would finally reveal her feelings to him, then she would go break stefans heart…. but appartently just holding hands while sat on her bed was meant to be enough -_- although i hate to admit it i actually did feel bad for Stefan and to make it worse he looked sooo hot i almost died. after all that i feel like delena happening would be too easy not to mention ‘switching salvatores’ would look really bad on Elena. pheeew!

as for the rest of the episode i actually enjoyed that aswell. we had some KLAROLINE, which i seriously enjoyed but felt bad for Klaus since AGAIN Caroline was getting his attention as part of a plan… but next episode they have a date so who cares. It was fun to see Katherine again (even if she wasn’t real), i think we all miss that petrova ( Steferine perhaps?). oh yeaaahh… baby gilbert getting a cool plot line in which he gets to go on a killing spree of vampires!

Something big must happen soon since we have about 16? episodes left in the season, which i am looking forward too…………………….. bad note:there’s a 2 week wait until the next episode.I.AM.NOT.HAPPY. BUUUT IT DOES LOOK AWESOME. bye!