song time…

guys i’m really sorry but i’m not going to do a mid season finale post for TVD because honestly… i dont have alot to say about it… apart from the obvious i ❤ KLAUS!

anyways…… go listen to this song, it is STUNNING.ACTUALLY STUNNING. and yes this is a song from last TVD episode (when Stefan finds out about D/E and starts throwing things. then Tyler finds all the dead hybrids. and April young carries on being annoying.) listen to it anyway!

:’) turn the music up…. the louder the better!


5 thoughts on “song time…

      • oh boo, i wrote more after the sad face but it deleted it 😦 so i wasn’t sad about the song …. its EPIC, still.
        I’d actually written that now when i listen 2 the song, i feel really bad and guilty for stefan.
        I wish Caroline was more obvious though, i wanted her to be like ‘they slept together’ instead of just looking away from him guiltily 😡
        I wouldn’t run away… actually….ummm… its a possibility….. you’ll just have to trust me 😉

      • Well yea, It was a sad episode for me, all around. Tyler got what he deserved though. He was being a bitch initially. I actually saw the ending again, because of how the song fit in so well and just because I can’t get enough of it. I’m glad Damon did the right thing and if she still comes back? She’s his for the taking. Like any Stelena fan, I’m sad. Plus he reacted that way, because he trusted Damon (obviously he doesnt know he actually did the right thing at the end but yea)
        I hope they get along well after this.
        Trust you? Mhmmm. Interesting 😉

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