Awesome Youtubers

until recently i’d never really cared much for youtube  it was just one of those things i knew was popular but i was never interested in… NOW i cant even think about not watching it. its become something i use quite often and is now on the list of tabs i open automatically when i open the internet (we all have them). I even made an account just so i could subscribe and like videos! so… i thought i’d tell you my favourite youtubers that you should definetly check out! 😀

Danisnotonfire- he is hilarious and actually gives some good life advice! he’s also obsessed with llamas…

DailyGrace- she’s amazing and innapropiate! she does different things each day usually her ‘sexxy friday’ is the funniest!

MarcusButlerTV- ok sooo not as funny as Dan but he is really good looking. nuff said.

Dicasp(Caspar Lee)- a good looking south african guy with a slight attitude problem but hes gr8 to watch!

ItsKingsleyBitch- i think the awesomeness is in the name, when i first watched him i laughed so hard i actually cried!


These are my top 5 that you should definitely subscribe to!


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