The Vampire Diaries 4×05-The Killer

****************************SPOILER ALERT******************************



Well. I’m going to start off by saying how much I hated Stefan in this episode. I mean lets have a look: he kept secrets, he lies, he’s helping Klaus AND he revains DAMON (he crossed the line there. seriously!). Next on my hate list today is Professor freakin’ Shane. Fine he helped Bonnie use her magic again but we all know its all for his secret “plan” (i mean really… who does he think he’s up against here?” ).

I think we all remember that pretty hawt Delena scene that when down while they were waiting for Stefan. sureee it didn’t go anywhere but i think we all enjoyed seeing Elena on top of Damon… be honest with yourself 😉 Life was kinda crazy for Elena in this episode, alot of emotions and that crying she seems to do alot of lately! Although she definetly gets points for making her first kill and for shouting at both Damon AND Stefan. i was really proud of her vampire side for that part… it seems she does have that Petrova fire…. (HINT:watch next weeks promo vid.. it will BLOW your mind!)

I’m looking forward to seeing Jeremy’s new badass side. I really liked him in this episode and it made me stop thinking of him as “another one of the humans to be rescued”.Now that he has the tattoo, do you think he is the new member of “The Five” in place of Connor?… may he R.I.P. i really dont have alot to say about Matt and April… sorry :S

I liked this episode! mainly, because of what it means can happen later in the series , i have a feeling there’s going to be a good plot this season! lets hope!

Word of advice. Watch next weeks promotion video and read the description. it sounds and looks amazing!! but remember, DONT expect ANYTHING! I think we all remember last weeks DELENA moment… THAT NEVER HAPPENED!



7 thoughts on “The Vampire Diaries 4×05-The Killer

  1. I agree in parts, I don’t agree in parts 😛 Starting off with Stefan. What he did was the RIGHT thing For Elena, For Damon. He WANTED to tell Damon about it but obviously couldn’t cause Klaus wouldn’t allow it and he didn’t want to jeopardize it for Elena. I think Damon would’ve agree with Stefan had he told him anyways. Sure Using Vervain wasnt the best thing he could’ve done but at the end of the day, it was for Elena and for her future. He couldn’t risk it, Or let Elena know.
    I hate the cranky Elena though. Keeps getting worse , episode after episode now. Karoline handled her transition way better and it was Stefan who helped her anyways 😛
    I can’t stand Bonnie anymore though. She’s been annoying all throughout last season, done stupid things and now she decides to walk in an obvious trap -.-
    I’m team Stelena, however I loved the Dirty dancing Delena part AND the song though. Pretty epic 😀
    All In all? another pretty amazing episode even though It’s interesting what happens with Jer’ 😉

    • I understand what you mean about Stefan protecting Elena (like always i thought that would change since she’s a vamp.) but i’m biased since i ship delena so most things Stefan does annoys me 😉
      what makes you ship Stelena though? i shipped them in season 1 when everyone hated Damon but now i just have no reason to want them together so why do you? 🙂

      • Well, once you start shipping someone, you start finding faults and it’s natural that ways 😛 I’ve always been team Stelena, Ever since Season 1. Now I know a lot of people who changed sides, halfway through. At first? it was only Stefan and I know so many people who hated Damon, now the same people ship Delena (again a personal thingy ofcourse so it’s cool :D) but It’s always been Stefan for me. I know Damon cares but he’s impulsive at times, he’s done stupid things, taken stupid decisions which is again HIM. I don’t expect him to change or want to change but What the circumstances were for each move that he did, didn’t need that I suppose? Stefan on the other hand’s always been there for her. He went with Klaus JUST so he could save Elena, save Damon. He had to bury it deep down inside him, lie and he’s tried so hard to get over it. I know he’s not exciting but he let’s Elena be herself. You know your brother has a thing for your girl, but he still lets them go away on the trip together. He doesn’t freak out after the kiss because he respects that and respects what Elena did and her choices. I know Damon is completely different around her, but he can forget the bigger picture at times. Sacrifice all the other pieces around but just save Elena. Stefan would try to save everyone that’s in danger. Phew, essay 😛

      • woah! reading that almost made me ship stelena… ALMOST! i feel since you justified stelena i should justify delena.

        I choose damon because he could never be selfish with her, even when he loves her he wanted Stefan to be with her because he didn’t think he was good enough. Damon will always choose her and he loves her no matter what… even you can say that Stefan been going around saying to everyone that he doesn’t love Elena because she is a vampire. (i’ll be quoting the show alot sorry). Next, he is everything she’s looking for, passion (3×19 motel kiss omfg), adventure (georgia trips, hunting werewolves, jumping in a lake) and even a little bit of danger (that speaks for itself). finally lets look at what rose said “It’s not just that she makes him a better person. She does, but, he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different. His love is pure and he’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.”
        i guess we’l just have to wait till the end of S4 😉

      • Haha, I understand your point of view. Delena is magic at times. The passion and the craziness and the moments. I think Vampire Elena would rather prefer Damon than Stefan, considering how she’s turning out to be but never know what happens and how the cure story goes through. Damon will always care about her and only her, well Stefan too but he changes when he’s around her and obviously challenges her. Takes her to a new level, but again there’s danger to that too and the risk of losing people, which can shatter Elena. Either ways, I get your point and why you love it or rather them 😀 Lets wait and watch what happens 😉

  2. Ohmigod I was gonna comment something (other than this) but reading your comments guys, I totally forgot. -.-
    Nick, Stelena sucks and I’m sorry but your not Stefan. You don’t have an Elena.
    Delena on the other hand has more spark and excitement and everything isn’t black and white in their almost-relationship. However (you guys are making me TYPE big words) if there was no Stelena then Delena would be boooring and if Elena and Damon finally do get together I think most people would find Stelena more interesting. Basically, the viewers want the other pair 😛

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