ok this is my first ever blog i’m completely new to this! SO for my first post i thought i’d talk about something EVERYONE knows about. Y.O.L.O. YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE.

well already your probably like “only stupid people say that” and “i would never say that”. True. people do use it as an excuse to do stupid things meanwhile thinking they’re cool LIKE…. “im not gonna do my homework! YOLO!” -_- but really, its kind of inspirational.  you really do only live once, why not make the most out of it? do things that make you happy? have fun? go jump out of a plane (wearing a parachute obviously)? meet new people? travel the world? say yes to opportunitys of a life time? why not?

Honestly… i’ll admit i’m one of those people that say YOLO a little bit to much… and my friends can vouch for that 😉 but like i said. why not?

you know? i actually might enjoy this blog thing! bye! (do i need to say bye? oh wellll)


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